Sharing Our Story

When families gather to celebrate milestone birthdays, stories are told, photos are shared, and new memories created. The same is true for Denison’s family.

2022 is our year to come together, to learn more about each other and our community, strengthen our relationships, and continue our legacy.

Sharing and connecting happens all the time, 2022 is the year to bring out those stories and photos from the past—whether it’s 5 years or 75 years ago. Ask your friends and neighbors to share their stories, invite someone new to your group. It’s all about finding ways to experience Denison through the eyes of each other.

Below, we’ve provided tips and resources for sharing on social. But that’s not the only option. Check out the Share Your Story event at the library!

Bookmark this page for updates on competitions and collaborations  and more ways to share your experiences and stories. We can’t wait to see Denison through your eyes!

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